This is the first official release of Centos-2 (2.1AS)

Either grab the two .iso images and do a CD install or get bootnet.img and do a
network install (server name is and path is centos-2/final/i386).

This build contains all the available updates to CentOS Enterprise Linux 2.1.
By the time you read this there might be new patches so you still need to run
your update program of choice.

Yum is now included so you can update immediatly by running
# yum update

This OS is much the same as the real 2.1AS except:
- It does not use any restricted trademarks (if you see any let me know)
- It does not include non-open source programs
- It is called CentOS (in green)
- The comps file is a bit hacked

Feedback to

John Newbigin.

Changes from BETA4 to FINAL
Fixup GPG key
Fixup release notes
Tweaked comps file
More updates
Removed kernel-smp.athlon. from CD. It is still available from the web site

Changes from BETA3 to BETA4
More updates from RHEL Update 3
Some missing packages added
Mozilla and apache have redhat logos removed

Changes from BETA2 to BETA3
CD uses isolinux for booting
Includes all available patches, including
- latest kernel
- latest anaconda
- latest kudzu

This means that all new hardware should be detected and supported. It also
saves a few 100Meg of extra patches to download.

Changes from BETA1 to BETA2
Added athlon kernel
Added working version of yum
Branded compat-* rpms as CentOS-2