File Name
This directory, dists, is the canonical way to access the distributions.
Each distribution can be accessed by name or state from here.

oldoldoldstable, or jessie - the released Debian 8.11
oldoldstable, or stretch - the released Debian 9.13
oldstable, or buster - the released Debian 10.13
stable, or bullseye - the released Debian 11.5
oldoldstable-proposed-updates - possible updates to Debian 9
oldstable-proposed-updates - possible updates to Debian 10
proposed-updates - possible updates to Debian 11
jessie-updates - important updates to Debian 8
stretch-updates - important updates to Debian 9
buster-updates - important updates to Debian 10
bullseye-updates - important updates to Debian 11
testing, or bookworm - the development version of the next release
unstable, or sid - untested candidate packages for future releases
experimental, or rc-buggy - experimental packages to be used on top of unstable