Welcome to Slackware 13.1! (32-bit x86 edition)

Slackware 13.1 is a complete distribution of the Linux operating system.

Here are some versions of major components of Slackware 13.1:

- Linux kernel
- C compiler gcc-4.4.4
- Binutils
- GNU C Library glibc-2.11.1
- X Window System Updated (but not "bleeding edge") packages
from X.Org
- KDE 4.4.3
- Xfce 4.6.1

For installation instructions, see the file 'Slackware-HOWTO'.

For important hints about this release, see the file 'CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT'.

These are some of the important files and directories found on the Slackware
FTP site:

There is also a newer (and faster) primary FTP site for Slackware here:

Thanks to for continuing to help us with hosting for our web site
and, and to the OSU Open Source Lab for hosting our
archives at

If you're reading this on a CD-ROM, these directories will probably be
split across several discs.

|-- ANNOUNCE.13.1 Announcement for Slackware 13.1.
|-- BOOTING.TXT Tips for troubleshooting boot problems.
|-- CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT A summary of major changes from Slackware 13.0
| to 13.1 and common pitfalls.
|-- CHECKSUMS.md5 MD5 format file checksums.
|-- COPYING The GNU Public License, version 2.
|-- COPYING3 The GNU Public License, version 3.
|-- COPYRIGHT.TXT Slackware copyright and trademark information.
|-- CRYPTO_NOTICE.TXT Legal information about encryption in Slackware.
|-- ChangeLog.txt Log of system changes.
|-- FILELIST.TXT List of files on the Slackware FTP site.
|-- GPG-KEY The GnuPG key used to verify Slackware packages.
|-- PACKAGES.TXT A detailed list of the core Slackware packages.
|-- README.initrd Information about building an initrd for use with
| a generic Linux kernel.
|-- README_CRYPT.TXT Information about installing Slackware with
| encrypted LVM.
|-- README_LVM.TXT Information about how to install Slackware onto LVM
| (including the /, if you want).
|-- README_RAID.TXT Information about installing Slackware using the
| kernel's Software RAID (md) levels.
|-- SPEAKUP_DOCS.TXT Documentation for the Speakup speech synth software.
|-- SPEAK_INSTALL.TXT How to install with Speakup speech synthesis.
|-- Slackware-HOWTO Instructions for installing Slackware from CD.
| If you're new to Slackware, start with this.
|-- extra/ Extra packages for Slackware like:
| | aspell-word-lists, bash-completion, bittornado,
| | bittorrent, blackbox, brltty, btmgr-3.7, dip-3.3.7p,
| | emacspeak, GRUB, the Java(TM) JDK, kde3-compat,
| | linux- (a kit to convert the default
| | SMP kernel sources to non-SMP ones, which might be
| | needed to compile drivers or other kernel modules),
| | mplayerplug-in, partitionmanager (GUI partitioning
| | tool for KDE4), slacktrack, tightvnc, and wicd.
| |
| `-- source/ Source code for the extra packages.
|-- isolinux/ The ISOLINUX loader and initrd.img used to install
| | Slackware from installation media or the network.
| | Also found here is a README.TXT file describing how
| | to create a Slackware installation ISO image and
| | burn it to CD-R or DVD-(+)R.
| |
| |-- README.TXT How to burn a Bootable Slackware disc.
| |
| `-- initrd.img Installation initrd (can also be loaded with Loadlin)
|-- kernels/ Precompiled Linux kernel images.
| |
| |-- hugesmp.s The default standard install kernel for Slackware.
| | This supports pretty much everything in the
| | kernel. This kernel requires at least
| | a Pentium-Pro processor.
| |
| |-- huge.s A single-processor version of huge.s that will
| | function with older hardware such as a 486 with
| | 128MB (64MB _might_ work) or more of RAM.
| |
| `-- speakup.s A huge.s kernel patched to support speakup
| speech output through various hardware and
| software speech synthesizers.
|-- pasture/ These are packages that have been removed
| | from Slackware, but are useful enough to
| | keep around. Might not be secure.
| |
| | Packages currently found here include
| | apsfilter-7.2.5, db1-1.85, db2-2.4.14, db3-3.3.11,
| | db31-3.1.17, db4-4.1.25, db4-4.2.52, ifhp-3.5.18,
| | and lprng-3.8.28.
| |
| `-- source/ Source code for the pasture packages.
|-- slackware/ This directory contains the core software packages
| | for Slackware 13.1.
| |
| |-- a/ The A (base) package series.
| |-- ap/ The AP (applications) package series.
| |-- d/ The D (development) package series.
| |-- e/ The E (GNU Emacs) package series.
| |-- f/ The F (FAQ/Documentation) package series.
| |-- k/ The K (kernel source) package series.
| |-- kde/ The KDE package series.
| |-- kdei/ The KDE internationalization package series.
| |-- l/ The L (libraries) package series.
| |-- n/ The N (networking) package series.
| |-- t/ The T (TeX) package series.
| |-- tcl/ The TCL (Tcl/Tk and related) package series.
| |-- x/ The X (X Window System) package series.
| |-- xap/ The XAP (X applications) package series.
| `-- y/ The Y (BSD games) package series.
|-- source/ This directory contains source code for the core
| | software packages in Slackware.
| |
| |-- a/ Source for the A (base) series.
| |-- ap/ Source for the AP (applications) series.
| |-- d/ Source for the D (development) series.
| |-- e/ Source for the E (GNU Emacs) series.
| |-- f/ slack-desc files for the F (FAQ) series.
| |-- installer/ Source for utilities used in the installer.
| |-- k/ Source for the K (kernel source) series.
| |-- kde/ Source for the KDE series.
| |-- kdei/ Source for the KDEI series.
| |-- l/ Source for the L (libraries) series.
| |-- n/ Source for the N (networking) series.
| |-- t/ Source for the T (TeX) series.
| |-- tcl/ Source for the TCL (Tcl/Tk and related) series.
| |-- x/ Source for the X (X Window System) series.
| |-- xap/ Source for the XAP (X applications) series.
| `-- y/ Source for the Y (BSD games) series.
|-- testing/ This directory contains packages being tested
| | for possible use in future versions of Slackware.
| | You'll find amarok- (a development
| | release), and btrfs-progs (2010-05-18 repo pull).
| | These packages should not be considered supported.
| |
| `--- source/ This directory contains source code for the
| packages in testing.
`-- usb-and-pxe-installers These are alternate installers useful
| for large-scale Linux deployment or if
| your machine can boot PXE and/or USB but
| not an optical disc. For PXE, the initrd.img
| file in isolinux/ is also required.
|-- pxelinux.cfg_default
`-- usbboot.img The Slackware installer for bootable USB flash.
`-- Script to make a partitioned USB flash installer
from usbboot.img.

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Patrick Volkerding