Here are packages for the latest GNU GCC compiler for Slackware 14.2, both
x86_64 and i586. I've had requests from people who need a newer compiler
than what's in /patches, so here it is. These packages were compiled on a
system with all the updated packages in /patches applied, so make sure that
you've upgraded to all of those first or this may not run correctly.

The main drawback of upgrading to this compiler version is that the kernels
for Slackware 14.2 will continue to be compiled using gcc-5.5.0 from /patches,
and you'll be unable to compile compatible kernel modules if you've installed
this newer compiler. The workaround is either to recompile your kernel using
the newer compiler, or (probably easier) temporarily go back to gcc-5.5.0 if
you need to compile kernel modules. This approach might also be the path of
least resistance if you encounter other sources that won't build with

Hope this helps someone, enjoy.