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up Parent Directory 12-Feb-2020 10:00 - [CMP] ncurses-4.2.tar.gz 05-Mar-1998 08:00 1220k [CMP] ncurses-5.0.tar.gz 29-Oct-1999 12:46 1476k [CMP] ncurses-5.1.tar.gz 10-Jul-2000 12:53 1672k [CMP] ncurses-5.2.tar.gz 23-Oct-2000 15:28 1704k [CMP] ncurses-5.3.tar.gz 14-Oct-2002 21:07 2020k [CMP] ncurses-5.4.tar.gz 13-Feb-2004 03:54 2104k unknown ncurses-5.4.tar.gz.asc 13-Feb-2004 03:54 4k [CMP] ncurses-5.5.tar.gz 12-Oct-2005 19:20 2260k unknown ncurses-5.5.tar.gz.sig 12-Oct-2005 19:20 4k [CMP] ncurses-5.6.tar.gz 23-Dec-2006 12:57 2348k unknown ncurses-5.6.tar.gz.sig 23-Dec-2006 12:57 4k [CMP] ncurses-5.7.tar.gz 03-Nov-2008 01:11 2388k unknown ncurses-5.7.tar.gz.sig 03-Nov-2008 01:11 4k [CMP] ncurses-5.8.tar.gz 26-Feb-2011 21:29 2768k unknown ncurses-5.8.tar.gz.sig 26-Feb-2011 21:29 4k [CMP] ncurses-5.9.tar.gz 04-Apr-2011 23:12 2764k unknown ncurses-5.9.tar.gz.sig 04-Apr-2011 23:12 4k [CMP] ncurses-6.0.tar.gz 09-Aug-2015 00:28 3060k unknown ncurses-6.0.tar.gz.sig 09-Aug-2015 00:28 4k [CMP] ncurses-6.1.tar.gz 28-Jan-2018 00:33 3288k unknown ncurses-6.1.tar.gz.sig 28-Jan-2018 00:33 4k [CMP] ncurses-6.2.tar.gz 12-Feb-2020 09:54 3348k unknown ncurses-6.2.tar.gz.sig 12-Feb-2020 09:54 4k [CMP] tack-1.06.tar.gz 08-Nov-2008 13:12 156k unknown tack-1.06.tar.gz.sig 08-Nov-2008 13:12 4k [CMP] tack-1.08.tar.gz 27-Jan-2018 21:44 220k unknown tack-1.08.tar.gz.sig 27-Jan-2018 21:44 4k

These are stable releases of ncurses, which have been built and tested on
many platforms.  Release announcements can be found here:

For development versions (and fixes), refer to the ncurses homepage at
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