Index of /kernel/v2.1/

      Name                                                                             Last modified         Size  Description
up Parent Directory 20-Mar-2003 23:12 - unknown LATEST-IS-2.2.0 26-Jan-1999 01:42 0k unknown WARNING-2.1.44 08-Jul-1997 17:11 4k unknown linux-2.1.0.tar.bz2 30-Sep-1996 14:23 4784k [CMP] linux-2.1.0.tar.gz 30-Sep-1996 14:23 5892k unknown linux-2.1.0.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:17 4k unknown linux-2.1.0.tar.xz 30-Sep-1996 14:23 4084k unknown linux-2.1.1.tar.bz2 03-Oct-1996 12:54 4784k [CMP] linux-2.1.1.tar.gz 03-Oct-1996 12:54 5892k unknown linux-2.1.1.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:17 4k unknown linux-2.1.1.tar.xz 03-Oct-1996 12:54 4084k unknown linux-2.1.10.tar.bz2 15-Nov-1996 14:25 4976k [CMP] linux-2.1.10.tar.gz 15-Nov-1996 14:25 6128k unknown linux-2.1.10.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:17 4k unknown linux-2.1.10.tar.xz 15-Nov-1996 14:25 4236k unknown linux-2.1.100.tar.bz2 08-May-1998 02:23 8908k [CMP] linux-2.1.100.tar.gz 08-May-1998 02:23 10976k unknown linux-2.1.100.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:17 4k unknown linux-2.1.100.tar.xz 08-May-1998 02:23 7276k unknown linux-2.1.101.tar.bz2 09-May-1998 01:52 8940k [CMP] linux-2.1.101.tar.gz 09-May-1998 01:52 11032k unknown linux-2.1.101.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:17 4k unknown linux-2.1.101.tar.xz 09-May-1998 01:52 7312k unknown linux-2.1.102.tar.bz2 14-May-1998 23:19 8964k [CMP] linux-2.1.102.tar.gz 14-May-1998 23:19 11048k unknown linux-2.1.102.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.102.tar.xz 14-May-1998 23:19 7320k unknown linux-2.1.103.tar.bz2 21-May-1998 00:02 8972k [CMP] linux-2.1.103.tar.gz 21-May-1998 00:02 11060k unknown linux-2.1.103.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.103.tar.xz 21-May-1998 00:02 7324k unknown linux-2.1.104.tar.bz2 05-Jun-1998 22:21 8972k [CMP] linux-2.1.104.tar.gz 05-Jun-1998 22:21 11072k unknown linux-2.1.104.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.104.tar.xz 05-Jun-1998 22:21 7328k unknown linux-2.1.105.tar.bz2 07-Jun-1998 18:41 8988k [CMP] linux-2.1.105.tar.gz 07-Jun-1998 18:41 11112k unknown linux-2.1.105.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.105.tar.xz 07-Jun-1998 18:41 7352k unknown linux-2.1.106.tar.bz2 13-Jun-1998 21:41 9056k [CMP] linux-2.1.106.tar.gz 13-Jun-1998 21:41 11208k unknown linux-2.1.106.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.106.tar.xz 13-Jun-1998 21:41 7404k unknown linux-2.1.107.tar.bz2 25-Jun-1998 05:20 9136k [CMP] linux-2.1.107.tar.gz 25-Jun-1998 05:20 11296k unknown linux-2.1.107.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.107.tar.xz 25-Jun-1998 05:20 7464k unknown linux-2.1.108.tar.bz2 02-Jul-1998 02:32 9136k [CMP] linux-2.1.108.tar.gz 02-Jul-1998 02:32 11292k unknown linux-2.1.108.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.108.tar.xz 02-Jul-1998 02:32 7460k unknown linux-2.1.109.tar.bz2 17-Jul-1998 00:29 9188k [CMP] linux-2.1.109.tar.gz 17-Jul-1998 00:29 11368k unknown linux-2.1.109.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.109.tar.xz 17-Jul-1998 00:29 7496k unknown linux-2.1.11.tar.bz2 18-Nov-1996 23:01 5008k [CMP] linux-2.1.11.tar.gz 18-Nov-1996 23:01 6180k unknown linux-2.1.11.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.11.tar.xz 18-Nov-1996 23:01 4272k unknown linux-2.1.110.tar.bz2 21-Jul-1998 07:05 9288k [CMP] linux-2.1.110.tar.gz 21-Jul-1998 07:05 11464k unknown linux-2.1.110.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.110.tar.xz 21-Jul-1998 07:05 7556k unknown linux-2.1.111.tar.bz2 25-Jul-1998 07:08 9288k [CMP] linux-2.1.111.tar.gz 25-Jul-1998 07:08 11464k unknown linux-2.1.111.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.111.tar.xz 25-Jul-1998 07:08 7564k unknown linux-2.1.112.tar.bz2 28-Jul-1998 21:17 9384k [CMP] linux-2.1.112.tar.gz 28-Jul-1998 21:17 11552k unknown linux-2.1.112.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.112.tar.xz 28-Jul-1998 21:17 7612k unknown linux-2.1.113.tar.bz2 01-Aug-1998 07:02 9420k [CMP] linux-2.1.113.tar.gz 01-Aug-1998 07:02 11612k unknown linux-2.1.113.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.113.tar.xz 01-Aug-1998 07:02 7624k unknown linux-2.1.114.tar.bz2 03-Aug-1998 20:21 9424k [CMP] linux-2.1.114.tar.gz 03-Aug-1998 20:21 11616k unknown linux-2.1.114.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.114.tar.xz 03-Aug-1998 20:21 7624k unknown linux-2.1.115.tar.bz2 06-Aug-1998 21:02 9376k [CMP] linux-2.1.115.tar.gz 06-Aug-1998 21:02 11572k unknown linux-2.1.115.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.115.tar.xz 06-Aug-1998 21:02 7608k unknown linux-2.1.116.tar.bz2 19-Aug-1998 01:00 9392k [CMP] linux-2.1.116.tar.gz 19-Aug-1998 01:00 11588k unknown linux-2.1.116.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.116.tar.xz 19-Aug-1998 01:00 7624k unknown linux-2.1.117.tar.bz2 20-Aug-1998 03:37 9396k [CMP] linux-2.1.117.tar.gz 20-Aug-1998 03:37 11596k unknown linux-2.1.117.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.117.tar.xz 20-Aug-1998 03:37 7632k unknown linux-2.1.118.tar.bz2 26-Aug-1998 01:50 9408k [CMP] linux-2.1.118.tar.gz 26-Aug-1998 01:50 11608k unknown linux-2.1.118.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.118.tar.xz 26-Aug-1998 01:50 7644k unknown linux-2.1.119.tar.bz2 27-Aug-1998 20:44 9404k [CMP] linux-2.1.119.tar.gz 27-Aug-1998 20:44 11616k unknown linux-2.1.119.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.119.tar.xz 27-Aug-1998 20:44 7644k unknown linux-2.1.12.tar.bz2 22-Nov-1996 16:14 5016k [CMP] linux-2.1.12.tar.gz 22-Nov-1996 16:14 6188k unknown linux-2.1.12.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.12.tar.xz 22-Nov-1996 16:14 4276k unknown linux-2.1.120.tar.bz2 05-Sep-1998 07:33 9432k [CMP] linux-2.1.120.tar.gz 05-Sep-1998 07:33 11668k unknown linux-2.1.120.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.120.tar.xz 05-Sep-1998 07:33 7672k unknown linux-2.1.121.tar.bz2 09-Sep-1998 21:47 9468k [CMP] linux-2.1.121.tar.gz 09-Sep-1998 21:47 11696k unknown linux-2.1.121.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.121.tar.xz 09-Sep-1998 21:47 7688k unknown linux-2.1.122.tar.bz2 16-Sep-1998 22:31 9480k [CMP] linux-2.1.122.tar.gz 16-Sep-1998 22:31 11716k unknown linux-2.1.122.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.122.tar.xz 16-Sep-1998 22:31 7700k unknown linux-2.1.123.tar.bz2 28-Sep-1998 03:42 9480k [CMP] linux-2.1.123.tar.gz 28-Sep-1998 03:42 11716k unknown linux-2.1.123.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.123.tar.xz 28-Sep-1998 03:42 7700k unknown linux-2.1.124.tar.bz2 04-Oct-1998 19:29 9576k [CMP] linux-2.1.124.tar.gz 04-Oct-1998 19:29 11816k unknown linux-2.1.124.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.124.tar.xz 04-Oct-1998 19:29 7768k unknown linux-2.1.125.tar.bz2 09-Oct-1998 04:51 9680k [CMP] linux-2.1.125.tar.gz 09-Oct-1998 04:51 11940k unknown linux-2.1.125.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.125.tar.xz 09-Oct-1998 04:51 7848k unknown linux-2.1.126.tar.bz2 24-Oct-1998 05:01 9704k [CMP] linux-2.1.126.tar.gz 24-Oct-1998 05:01 11980k unknown linux-2.1.126.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.126.tar.xz 24-Oct-1998 05:01 7876k unknown linux-2.1.127.tar.bz2 07-Nov-1998 19:45 9724k [CMP] linux-2.1.127.tar.gz 07-Nov-1998 19:45 12012k unknown linux-2.1.127.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.127.tar.xz 07-Nov-1998 19:45 7904k unknown linux-2.1.128.tar.bz2 12-Nov-1998 20:22 9764k [CMP] linux-2.1.128.tar.gz 12-Nov-1998 20:22 12044k unknown linux-2.1.128.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.128.tar.xz 12-Nov-1998 20:22 7920k unknown linux-2.1.129.tar.bz2 19-Nov-1998 08:22 9832k [CMP] linux-2.1.129.tar.gz 19-Nov-1998 08:22 12120k unknown linux-2.1.129.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.129.tar.xz 19-Nov-1998 08:22 7968k unknown linux-2.1.13.tar.bz2 23-Nov-1996 11:42 5008k [CMP] linux-2.1.13.tar.gz 23-Nov-1996 11:42 6184k unknown linux-2.1.13.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.13.tar.xz 23-Nov-1996 11:42 4276k unknown linux-2.1.130.tar.bz2 26-Nov-1998 21:38 9904k [CMP] linux-2.1.130.tar.gz 26-Nov-1998 21:38 12224k unknown linux-2.1.130.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.130.tar.xz 26-Nov-1998 21:38 8044k unknown linux-2.1.131.tar.bz2 03-Dec-1998 01:55 9908k [CMP] linux-2.1.131.tar.gz 03-Dec-1998 01:55 12228k unknown linux-2.1.131.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.131.tar.xz 03-Dec-1998 01:55 8048k unknown linux-2.1.132.tar.bz2 22-Dec-1998 21:38 10204k [CMP] linux-2.1.132.tar.gz 22-Dec-1998 21:38 12596k unknown linux-2.1.132.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.132.tar.xz 22-Dec-1998 21:38 8296k unknown linux-2.1.14.tar.bz2 01-Dec-1996 17:51 5020k [CMP] linux-2.1.14.tar.gz 01-Dec-1996 17:51 6184k unknown linux-2.1.14.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.14.tar.xz 01-Dec-1996 17:51 4276k unknown linux-2.1.15.tar.bz2 12-Dec-1996 15:49 5172k [CMP] linux-2.1.15.tar.gz 12-Dec-1996 15:49 6360k unknown linux-2.1.15.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.15.tar.xz 12-Dec-1996 15:49 4384k unknown linux-2.1.16.tar.bz2 18-Dec-1996 11:05 5304k [CMP] linux-2.1.16.tar.gz 18-Dec-1996 11:05 6576k unknown linux-2.1.16.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.16.tar.xz 18-Dec-1996 11:05 4512k unknown linux-2.1.17.tar.bz2 22-Dec-1996 10:37 5480k [CMP] linux-2.1.17.tar.gz 22-Dec-1996 10:37 6724k unknown linux-2.1.17.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.17.tar.xz 22-Dec-1996 10:37 4620k unknown linux-2.1.18.tar.bz2 29-Dec-1996 10:31 5476k [CMP] linux-2.1.18.tar.gz 29-Dec-1996 10:31 6716k unknown linux-2.1.18.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.18.tar.xz 29-Dec-1996 10:31 4616k unknown linux-2.1.19.tar.bz2 31-Dec-1996 13:43 5504k [CMP] linux-2.1.19.tar.gz 31-Dec-1996 13:43 6796k unknown linux-2.1.19.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.19.tar.xz 31-Dec-1996 13:43 4632k unknown linux-2.1.2.tar.bz2 08-Oct-1996 17:45 4792k [CMP] linux-2.1.2.tar.gz 08-Oct-1996 17:45 5896k unknown linux-2.1.2.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.2.tar.xz 08-Oct-1996 17:45 4088k unknown linux-2.1.20.tar.bz2 02-Jan-1997 13:57 5508k [CMP] linux-2.1.20.tar.gz 02-Jan-1997 13:57 6820k unknown linux-2.1.20.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.20.tar.xz 02-Jan-1997 13:57 4648k unknown linux-2.1.21.tar.bz2 14-Jan-1997 12:04 5540k [CMP] linux-2.1.21.tar.gz 14-Jan-1997 12:04 6800k unknown linux-2.1.21.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.21.tar.xz 14-Jan-1997 12:04 4640k unknown linux-2.1.22.tar.bz2 23-Jan-1997 10:11 5540k [CMP] linux-2.1.22.tar.gz 23-Jan-1997 10:11 6804k unknown linux-2.1.22.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.22.tar.xz 23-Jan-1997 10:11 4644k unknown linux-2.1.23.tar.bz2 26-Jan-1997 14:12 5612k [CMP] linux-2.1.23.tar.gz 26-Jan-1997 14:12 6924k unknown linux-2.1.23.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.23.tar.xz 26-Jan-1997 14:12 4728k unknown linux-2.1.24.tar.bz2 28-Jan-1997 17:45 5612k [CMP] linux-2.1.24.tar.gz 28-Jan-1997 17:45 6924k unknown linux-2.1.24.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.24.tar.xz 28-Jan-1997 17:45 4728k unknown linux-2.1.25.tar.bz2 23-Sep-1997 21:04 5712k [CMP] linux-2.1.25.tar.gz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 7024k unknown linux-2.1.25.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.25.tar.xz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 4804k unknown linux-2.1.26.tar.bz2 23-Sep-1997 21:04 5716k [CMP] linux-2.1.26.tar.gz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 7032k unknown linux-2.1.26.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.26.tar.xz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 4808k unknown linux-2.1.27.tar.bz2 26-Feb-1997 22:52 5816k [CMP] linux-2.1.27.tar.gz 26-Feb-1997 22:52 7140k unknown linux-2.1.27.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.27.tar.xz 26-Feb-1997 22:52 4868k unknown linux-2.1.28.tar.bz2 03-Mar-1997 22:58 5872k [CMP] linux-2.1.28.tar.gz 03-Mar-1997 22:58 7236k unknown linux-2.1.28.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.28.tar.xz 03-Mar-1997 22:58 4936k unknown linux-2.1.29.tar.bz2 10-Mar-1997 23:58 5912k [CMP] linux-2.1.29.tar.gz 10-Mar-1997 23:58 7288k unknown linux-2.1.29.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.29.tar.xz 10-Mar-1997 23:58 4968k unknown linux-2.1.3.tar.bz2 10-Oct-1996 14:57 4796k [CMP] linux-2.1.3.tar.gz 10-Oct-1996 14:57 5900k unknown linux-2.1.3.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.3.tar.xz 10-Oct-1996 14:57 4092k unknown linux-2.1.30.tar.bz2 26-Mar-1997 20:52 5952k [CMP] linux-2.1.30.tar.gz 26-Mar-1997 20:52 7332k unknown linux-2.1.30.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.30.tar.xz 26-Mar-1997 20:52 4992k unknown linux-2.1.31.tar.bz2 03-Apr-1997 05:14 5972k [CMP] linux-2.1.31.tar.gz 03-Apr-1997 05:14 7348k unknown linux-2.1.31.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.31.tar.xz 03-Apr-1997 05:14 5004k unknown linux-2.1.32.tar.bz2 05-Apr-1997 20:54 6056k [CMP] linux-2.1.32.tar.gz 05-Apr-1997 20:54 7464k unknown linux-2.1.32.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.32.tar.xz 05-Apr-1997 20:54 5088k unknown linux-2.1.33.tar.bz2 10-Apr-1997 18:51 6096k [CMP] linux-2.1.33.tar.gz 10-Apr-1997 18:51 7516k unknown linux-2.1.33.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.33.tar.xz 10-Apr-1997 18:51 5124k unknown linux-2.1.34.tar.bz2 14-Apr-1997 21:32 6144k [CMP] linux-2.1.34.tar.gz 14-Apr-1997 21:32 7580k unknown linux-2.1.34.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.34.tar.xz 14-Apr-1997 21:32 5160k unknown linux-2.1.35.tar.bz2 15-Apr-1997 23:53 6144k [CMP] linux-2.1.35.tar.gz 15-Apr-1997 23:53 7580k unknown linux-2.1.35.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.35.tar.xz 15-Apr-1997 23:53 5160k unknown linux-2.1.36.tar.bz2 23-Apr-1997 18:31 6248k [CMP] linux-2.1.36.tar.gz 23-Apr-1997 18:31 7672k unknown linux-2.1.36.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.36.tar.xz 23-Apr-1997 18:31 5200k unknown linux-2.1.37.tar.bz2 14-May-1997 05:25 6284k [CMP] linux-2.1.37.tar.gz 14-May-1997 05:25 7700k unknown linux-2.1.37.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.37.tar.xz 14-May-1997 05:25 5252k unknown linux-2.1.38.tar.bz2 15-May-1997 23:16 6288k [CMP] linux-2.1.38.tar.gz 15-May-1997 23:16 7708k unknown linux-2.1.38.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.38.tar.xz 15-May-1997 23:16 5260k unknown linux-2.1.39.tar.bz2 18-May-1997 18:14 6288k [CMP] linux-2.1.39.tar.gz 18-May-1997 18:14 7708k unknown linux-2.1.39.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.39.tar.xz 18-May-1997 18:14 5260k unknown linux-2.1.4.tar.bz2 15-Oct-1996 17:17 4808k [CMP] linux-2.1.4.tar.gz 15-Oct-1996 17:17 5912k unknown linux-2.1.4.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.4.tar.xz 15-Oct-1996 17:17 4100k unknown linux-2.1.40.tar.bz2 22-May-1997 02:13 6356k [CMP] linux-2.1.40.tar.gz 22-May-1997 02:13 7804k unknown linux-2.1.40.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.40.tar.xz 22-May-1997 02:13 5288k unknown linux-2.1.41.tar.bz2 28-May-1997 03:52 6376k [CMP] linux-2.1.41.tar.gz 28-May-1997 03:52 7832k unknown linux-2.1.41.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.41.tar.xz 28-May-1997 03:52 5304k unknown linux-2.1.42.tar.bz2 29-May-1997 23:00 6420k [CMP] linux-2.1.42.tar.gz 29-May-1997 23:00 7880k unknown linux-2.1.42.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.42.tar.xz 29-May-1997 23:00 5340k unknown linux-2.1.43.tar.bz2 16-Jun-1997 22:47 6468k [CMP] linux-2.1.43.tar.gz 16-Jun-1997 22:47 7940k unknown linux-2.1.43.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.43.tar.xz 16-Jun-1997 22:47 5380k unknown linux-2.1.44.tar.bz2 07-Jul-1997 23:50 6636k [CMP] linux-2.1.44.tar.gz 07-Jul-1997 23:50 8156k unknown linux-2.1.44.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.44.tar.xz 07-Jul-1997 23:50 5508k unknown linux-2.1.45.tar.bz2 17-Jul-1997 03:49 6688k [CMP] linux-2.1.45.tar.gz 17-Jul-1997 03:49 8208k unknown linux-2.1.45.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.45.tar.xz 17-Jul-1997 03:49 5544k unknown linux-2.1.46.tar.bz2 19-Jul-1997 19:56 6688k [CMP] linux-2.1.46.tar.gz 19-Jul-1997 19:56 8208k unknown linux-2.1.46.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.46.tar.xz 19-Jul-1997 19:56 5544k unknown linux-2.1.47.tar.bz2 24-Jul-1997 20:25 6700k [CMP] linux-2.1.47.tar.gz 24-Jul-1997 20:25 8244k unknown linux-2.1.47.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.47.tar.xz 24-Jul-1997 20:25 5568k unknown linux-2.1.48.tar.bz2 04-Aug-1997 23:08 6704k [CMP] linux-2.1.48.tar.gz 04-Aug-1997 23:08 8252k unknown linux-2.1.48.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.48.tar.xz 04-Aug-1997 23:08 5576k unknown linux-2.1.49.tar.bz2 11-Aug-1997 21:45 6744k [CMP] linux-2.1.49.tar.gz 11-Aug-1997 21:45 8284k unknown linux-2.1.49.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.49.tar.xz 11-Aug-1997 21:45 5600k unknown linux-2.1.5.tar.bz2 18-Oct-1996 12:01 4816k [CMP] linux-2.1.5.tar.gz 18-Oct-1996 12:01 5920k unknown linux-2.1.5.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.5.tar.xz 18-Oct-1996 12:01 4104k unknown linux-2.1.50.tar.bz2 14-Aug-1997 22:09 6744k [CMP] linux-2.1.50.tar.gz 14-Aug-1997 22:09 8288k unknown linux-2.1.50.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.50.tar.xz 14-Aug-1997 22:09 5604k unknown linux-2.1.51.tar.bz2 19-Aug-1997 01:18 6912k [CMP] linux-2.1.51.tar.gz 19-Aug-1997 01:18 8468k unknown linux-2.1.51.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.51.tar.xz 19-Aug-1997 01:18 5712k unknown linux-2.1.52.tar.bz2 03-Sep-1997 19:02 6916k [CMP] linux-2.1.52.tar.gz 03-Sep-1997 19:02 8472k unknown linux-2.1.52.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.52.tar.xz 03-Sep-1997 19:02 5716k unknown linux-2.1.53.tar.bz2 04-Sep-1997 23:59 6980k [CMP] linux-2.1.53.tar.gz 04-Sep-1997 23:59 8600k unknown linux-2.1.53.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.53.tar.xz 04-Sep-1997 23:59 5780k unknown linux-2.1.54.tar.bz2 06-Sep-1997 18:20 6996k [CMP] linux-2.1.54.tar.gz 06-Sep-1997 18:20 8620k unknown linux-2.1.54.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.54.tar.xz 06-Sep-1997 18:20 5792k unknown linux-2.1.55.tar.bz2 09-Sep-1997 22:39 6996k [CMP] linux-2.1.55.tar.gz 09-Sep-1997 22:39 8624k unknown linux-2.1.55.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.55.tar.xz 09-Sep-1997 22:39 5792k unknown linux-2.1.56.tar.bz2 20-Sep-1997 05:20 7012k [CMP] linux-2.1.56.tar.gz 20-Sep-1997 05:20 8632k unknown linux-2.1.56.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.56.tar.xz 20-Sep-1997 05:20 5800k unknown linux-2.1.57.tar.bz2 25-Sep-1997 02:47 7012k [CMP] linux-2.1.57.tar.gz 25-Sep-1997 02:47 8636k unknown linux-2.1.57.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.57.tar.xz 25-Sep-1997 02:47 5800k unknown linux-2.1.58.tar.bz2 15-Oct-1997 21:45 7012k [CMP] linux-2.1.58.tar.gz 15-Oct-1997 21:45 8640k unknown linux-2.1.58.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.58.tar.xz 15-Oct-1997 21:45 5808k unknown linux-2.1.59.tar.bz2 17-Oct-1997 23:41 7020k [CMP] linux-2.1.59.tar.gz 17-Oct-1997 23:41 8656k unknown linux-2.1.59.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.59.tar.xz 17-Oct-1997 23:41 5820k unknown linux-2.1.6.tar.bz2 29-Oct-1996 15:59 4820k [CMP] linux-2.1.6.tar.gz 29-Oct-1996 15:59 5924k unknown linux-2.1.6.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.6.tar.xz 29-Oct-1996 15:59 4112k unknown linux-2.1.60.tar.bz2 25-Oct-1997 09:18 7068k [CMP] linux-2.1.60.tar.gz 25-Oct-1997 09:18 8684k unknown linux-2.1.60.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.60.tar.xz 25-Oct-1997 09:18 5836k unknown linux-2.1.61.tar.bz2 31-Oct-1997 01:17 7068k [CMP] linux-2.1.61.tar.gz 31-Oct-1997 01:17 8688k unknown linux-2.1.61.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.61.tar.xz 31-Oct-1997 01:17 5836k unknown linux-2.1.62.tar.bz2 03-Nov-1997 20:58 7072k [CMP] linux-2.1.62.tar.gz 03-Nov-1997 20:58 8692k unknown linux-2.1.62.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.62.tar.xz 03-Nov-1997 20:58 5840k unknown linux-2.1.63.tar.bz2 12-Nov-1997 19:17 7176k [CMP] linux-2.1.63.tar.gz 12-Nov-1997 19:17 8820k unknown linux-2.1.63.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.63.tar.xz 12-Nov-1997 19:17 5924k unknown linux-2.1.64.tar.bz2 15-Nov-1997 03:02 7184k [CMP] linux-2.1.64.tar.gz 15-Nov-1997 03:02 8828k unknown linux-2.1.64.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.64.tar.xz 15-Nov-1997 03:02 5924k unknown linux-2.1.65.tar.bz2 18-Nov-1997 03:00 7188k [CMP] linux-2.1.65.tar.gz 18-Nov-1997 03:00 8836k unknown linux-2.1.65.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.65.tar.xz 18-Nov-1997 03:00 5928k unknown linux-2.1.66.tar.bz2 26-Nov-1997 00:15 7256k [CMP] linux-2.1.66.tar.gz 26-Nov-1997 00:15 8932k unknown linux-2.1.66.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.66.tar.xz 26-Nov-1997 00:15 6000k unknown linux-2.1.67.tar.bz2 29-Nov-1997 19:18 7476k [CMP] linux-2.1.67.tar.gz 29-Nov-1997 19:18 9208k unknown linux-2.1.67.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.67.tar.xz 29-Nov-1997 19:18 6128k unknown linux-2.1.68.tar.bz2 30-Nov-1997 23:15 7564k [CMP] linux-2.1.68.tar.gz 30-Nov-1997 23:15 9304k unknown linux-2.1.68.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.68.tar.xz 30-Nov-1997 23:15 6184k unknown linux-2.1.69.tar.bz2 01-Dec-1997 21:42 7568k [CMP] linux-2.1.69.tar.gz 01-Dec-1997 21:42 9304k unknown linux-2.1.69.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.69.tar.xz 01-Dec-1997 21:42 6184k unknown linux-2.1.7.tar.bz2 01-Nov-1996 14:38 4844k [CMP] linux-2.1.7.tar.gz 01-Nov-1996 14:38 5944k unknown linux-2.1.7.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.7.tar.xz 01-Nov-1996 14:38 4124k unknown linux-2.1.70.tar.bz2 03-Dec-1997 00:16 7620k [CMP] linux-2.1.70.tar.gz 03-Dec-1997 00:16 9376k unknown linux-2.1.70.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.70.tar.xz 03-Dec-1997 00:16 6228k unknown linux-2.1.71.tar.bz2 04-Dec-1997 22:48 7616k [CMP] linux-2.1.71.tar.gz 04-Dec-1997 22:48 9380k unknown linux-2.1.71.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.71.tar.xz 04-Dec-1997 22:48 6240k unknown linux-2.1.72.tar.bz2 09-Dec-1997 21:24 7640k [CMP] linux-2.1.72.tar.gz 09-Dec-1997 21:24 9404k unknown linux-2.1.72.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.72.tar.xz 09-Dec-1997 21:24 6256k unknown linux-2.1.73.tar.bz2 19-Dec-1997 00:59 7636k [CMP] linux-2.1.73.tar.gz 19-Dec-1997 00:59 9412k unknown linux-2.1.73.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.73.tar.xz 19-Dec-1997 00:59 6292k unknown linux-2.1.74.tar.bz2 20-Dec-1997 01:17 7648k [CMP] linux-2.1.74.tar.gz 20-Dec-1997 01:17 9456k unknown linux-2.1.74.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.74.tar.xz 20-Dec-1997 01:17 6324k unknown linux-2.1.75.tar.bz2 22-Dec-1997 02:09 7684k [CMP] linux-2.1.75.tar.gz 22-Dec-1997 02:09 9480k unknown linux-2.1.75.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.75.tar.xz 22-Dec-1997 02:09 6340k unknown linux-2.1.76.tar.bz2 24-Dec-1997 00:29 7672k [CMP] linux-2.1.76.tar.gz 24-Dec-1997 00:29 9476k unknown linux-2.1.76.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.76.tar.xz 24-Dec-1997 00:29 6336k unknown linux-2.1.77.tar.bz2 02-Jan-1998 22:34 7712k [CMP] linux-2.1.77.tar.gz 02-Jan-1998 22:34 9512k unknown linux-2.1.77.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.77.tar.xz 02-Jan-1998 22:34 6368k unknown linux-2.1.78.tar.bz2 06-Jan-1998 02:01 7848k [CMP] linux-2.1.78.tar.gz 06-Jan-1998 02:01 9652k unknown linux-2.1.78.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.78.tar.xz 06-Jan-1998 02:01 6464k unknown linux-2.1.79.tar.bz2 13-Jan-1998 06:08 7988k [CMP] linux-2.1.79.tar.gz 13-Jan-1998 06:08 9868k unknown linux-2.1.79.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.79.tar.xz 13-Jan-1998 06:08 6596k unknown linux-2.1.8.tar.bz2 09-Nov-1996 09:54 4912k [CMP] linux-2.1.8.tar.gz 09-Nov-1996 09:54 6032k unknown linux-2.1.8.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.8.tar.xz 09-Nov-1996 09:54 4180k unknown linux-2.1.80.tar.bz2 21-Jan-1998 01:16 8168k [CMP] linux-2.1.80.tar.gz 21-Jan-1998 01:16 10048k unknown linux-2.1.80.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:18 4k unknown linux-2.1.80.tar.xz 21-Jan-1998 01:16 6688k unknown linux-2.1.81.tar.bz2 24-Jan-1998 02:02 8188k [CMP] linux-2.1.81.tar.gz 24-Jan-1998 02:02 10092k unknown linux-2.1.81.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.81.tar.xz 24-Jan-1998 02:02 6720k unknown linux-2.1.82.tar.bz2 26-Jan-1998 23:12 8180k [CMP] linux-2.1.82.tar.gz 26-Jan-1998 23:12 10108k unknown linux-2.1.82.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.82.tar.xz 26-Jan-1998 23:12 6728k unknown linux-2.1.83.tar.bz2 30-Jan-1998 23:36 8180k [CMP] linux-2.1.83.tar.gz 30-Jan-1998 23:36 10108k unknown linux-2.1.83.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.83.tar.xz 30-Jan-1998 23:36 6728k unknown linux-2.1.84.tar.bz2 31-Jan-1998 01:46 8180k [CMP] linux-2.1.84.tar.gz 31-Jan-1998 01:46 10112k unknown linux-2.1.84.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.84.tar.xz 31-Jan-1998 01:46 6728k unknown linux-2.1.85.tar.bz2 04-Feb-1998 02:33 8184k [CMP] linux-2.1.85.tar.gz 04-Feb-1998 02:33 10120k unknown linux-2.1.85.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.85.tar.xz 04-Feb-1998 02:33 6736k unknown linux-2.1.86.tar.bz2 11-Feb-1998 00:30 8184k [CMP] linux-2.1.86.tar.gz 11-Feb-1998 00:30 10116k unknown linux-2.1.86.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.86.tar.xz 11-Feb-1998 00:30 6736k unknown linux-2.1.87.tar.bz2 17-Feb-1998 01:31 8264k [CMP] linux-2.1.87.tar.gz 17-Feb-1998 01:31 10200k unknown linux-2.1.87.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.87.tar.xz 17-Feb-1998 01:31 6792k unknown linux-2.1.88.tar.bz2 21-Feb-1998 03:23 8356k [CMP] linux-2.1.88.tar.gz 21-Feb-1998 03:23 10312k unknown linux-2.1.88.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.88.tar.xz 21-Feb-1998 03:23 6864k unknown linux-2.1.89.tar.bz2 07-Mar-1998 09:36 8404k [CMP] linux-2.1.89.tar.gz 07-Mar-1998 09:36 10356k unknown linux-2.1.89.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.89.tar.xz 07-Mar-1998 09:36 6896k unknown linux-2.1.9.tar.bz2 12-Nov-1996 13:54 4980k [CMP] linux-2.1.9.tar.gz 12-Nov-1996 13:54 6132k unknown linux-2.1.9.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.9.tar.xz 12-Nov-1996 13:54 4240k unknown linux-2.1.90.tar.bz2 18-Mar-1998 06:17 8408k [CMP] linux-2.1.90.tar.gz 18-Mar-1998 06:17 10372k unknown linux-2.1.90.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.90.tar.xz 18-Mar-1998 06:17 6904k unknown linux-2.1.91.tar.bz2 26-Mar-1998 23:53 8512k [CMP] linux-2.1.91.tar.gz 26-Mar-1998 23:53 10488k unknown linux-2.1.91.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.91.tar.xz 26-Mar-1998 23:53 6948k unknown linux-2.1.92.tar.bz2 02-Apr-1998 01:47 8608k [CMP] linux-2.1.92.tar.gz 02-Apr-1998 01:47 10648k unknown linux-2.1.92.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.92.tar.xz 02-Apr-1998 01:47 7060k unknown linux-2.1.93.tar.bz2 07-Apr-1998 00:39 8620k [CMP] linux-2.1.93.tar.gz 07-Apr-1998 00:39 10660k unknown linux-2.1.93.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.93.tar.xz 07-Apr-1998 00:39 7064k unknown linux-2.1.94.tar.bz2 09-Apr-1998 02:28 8684k [CMP] linux-2.1.94.tar.gz 09-Apr-1998 02:28 10716k unknown linux-2.1.94.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.94.tar.xz 09-Apr-1998 02:28 7100k unknown linux-2.1.95.tar.bz2 10-Apr-1998 18:30 8684k [CMP] linux-2.1.95.tar.gz 10-Apr-1998 18:30 10720k unknown linux-2.1.95.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.95.tar.xz 10-Apr-1998 18:30 7100k unknown linux-2.1.96.tar.bz2 14-Apr-1998 20:25 8716k [CMP] linux-2.1.96.tar.gz 14-Apr-1998 20:25 10760k unknown linux-2.1.96.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.96.tar.xz 14-Apr-1998 20:25 7132k unknown linux-2.1.97.tar.bz2 18-Apr-1998 07:51 8824k [CMP] linux-2.1.97.tar.gz 18-Apr-1998 07:51 10900k unknown linux-2.1.97.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.97.tar.xz 18-Apr-1998 07:51 7224k unknown linux-2.1.98.tar.bz2 24-Apr-1998 06:17 8824k [CMP] linux-2.1.98.tar.gz 24-Apr-1998 06:17 10896k unknown linux-2.1.98.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.98.tar.xz 24-Apr-1998 06:17 7224k unknown linux-2.1.99.tar.bz2 01-May-1998 00:21 8888k [CMP] linux-2.1.99.tar.gz 01-May-1998 00:21 10956k unknown linux-2.1.99.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.1.99.tar.xz 01-May-1998 00:21 7264k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre1.tar.bz2 28-Dec-1998 22:32 10212k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre1.tar.gz 28-Dec-1998 22:32 12616k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre1.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre1.tar.xz 28-Dec-1998 22:32 8312k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre2.tar.bz2 31-Dec-1998 07:09 10220k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre2.tar.gz 31-Dec-1998 07:09 12636k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre2.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre2.tar.xz 31-Dec-1998 07:09 8328k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre3.tar.bz2 01-Jan-1999 20:58 10220k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre3.tar.gz 01-Jan-1999 20:58 12636k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre3.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre3.tar.xz 01-Jan-1999 20:58 8328k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre4.tar.bz2 03-Jan-1999 03:25 10252k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre4.tar.gz 03-Jan-1999 03:25 12668k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre4.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre4.tar.xz 03-Jan-1999 03:25 8348k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre5.tar.bz2 06-Jan-1999 21:57 10264k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre5.tar.gz 06-Jan-1999 21:57 12676k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre5.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre5.tar.xz 06-Jan-1999 21:57 8356k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre6.tar.bz2 09-Jan-1999 01:24 10276k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre6.tar.gz 09-Jan-1999 01:24 12696k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre6.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre6.tar.xz 09-Jan-1999 01:24 8372k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre7.tar.bz2 13-Jan-1999 22:05 10288k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre7.tar.gz 13-Jan-1999 22:05 12704k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre7.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre7.tar.xz 13-Jan-1999 22:05 8376k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre8.tar.bz2 19-Jan-1999 01:52 10292k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre8.tar.gz 19-Jan-1999 01:52 12724k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre8.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre8.tar.xz 19-Jan-1999 01:52 8396k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre9.tar.bz2 21-Jan-1999 06:42 10340k [CMP] linux-2.2.0-pre9.tar.gz 21-Jan-1999 06:42 12772k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre9.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown linux-2.2.0-pre9.tar.xz 21-Jan-1999 06:42 8428k unknown modules-2.1.13.src.tar.bz2 29-Nov-1996 10:30 92k [CMP] modules-2.1.13.src.tar.gz 29-Nov-1996 10:30 112k unknown modules-2.1.13.src.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modules-2.1.13.src.tar.xz 29-Nov-1996 10:30 88k unknown modutils-2.1.121.tar.bz2 14-Sep-1998 19:50 136k [CMP] modutils-2.1.121.tar.gz 14-Sep-1998 19:50 164k unknown modutils-2.1.121.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modutils-2.1.121.tar.xz 14-Sep-1998 19:50 132k unknown modutils-2.1.23.tar.bz2 23-Sep-1997 21:04 104k [CMP] modutils-2.1.23.tar.gz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 124k unknown modutils-2.1.23.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modutils-2.1.23.tar.xz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 104k unknown modutils-2.1.34.tar.bz2 15-Apr-1997 01:49 100k [CMP] modutils-2.1.34.tar.gz 15-Apr-1997 01:49 124k unknown modutils-2.1.34.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modutils-2.1.34.tar.xz 15-Apr-1997 01:49 100k unknown modutils-2.1.55.tar.bz2 11-Sep-1997 19:22 104k [CMP] modutils-2.1.55.tar.gz 11-Sep-1997 19:22 128k unknown modutils-2.1.55.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modutils-2.1.55.tar.xz 11-Sep-1997 19:22 100k unknown modutils-2.1.71.tar.bz2 10-Dec-1997 18:13 112k [CMP] modutils-2.1.71.tar.gz 10-Dec-1997 18:13 128k unknown modutils-2.1.71.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modutils-2.1.71.tar.xz 10-Dec-1997 18:13 108k unknown modutils-2.1.85.tar.bz2 15-Feb-1998 20:14 136k [CMP] modutils-2.1.85.tar.gz 15-Feb-1998 20:14 160k unknown modutils-2.1.85.tar.sign 08-Aug-2013 19:19 4k unknown modutils-2.1.85.tar.xz 15-Feb-1998 20:14 132k unknown patch-2.0.21-2.1.0.bz2 30-Sep-1996 14:24 260k [CMP] patch-2.0.21-2.1.0.gz 30-Sep-1996 14:24 304k unknown patch-2.0.21-2.1.0.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.0.21-2.1.0.xz 30-Sep-1996 14:24 236k unknown patch-2.1.1.bz2 03-Oct-1996 12:55 28k [CMP] patch-2.1.1.gz 03-Oct-1996 12:55 28k unknown patch-2.1.1.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.1.xz 03-Oct-1996 12:55 28k unknown patch-2.1.10.bz2 15-Nov-1996 14:24 72k [CMP] patch-2.1.10.gz 15-Nov-1996 14:24 80k unknown patch-2.1.10.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.10.xz 15-Nov-1996 14:24 68k unknown patch-2.1.100.bz2 08-May-1998 02:23 168k [CMP] patch-2.1.100.gz 08-May-1998 02:23 204k unknown patch-2.1.100.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.100.xz 08-May-1998 02:23 164k unknown patch-2.1.101.bz2 09-May-1998 01:52 424k [CMP] patch-2.1.101.gz 09-May-1998 01:52 516k unknown patch-2.1.101.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.101.xz 09-May-1998 01:52 380k unknown patch-2.1.102.bz2 14-May-1998 23:19 152k [CMP] patch-2.1.102.gz 14-May-1998 23:19 176k unknown patch-2.1.102.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.102.xz 14-May-1998 23:19 144k unknown patch-2.1.103.bz2 21-May-1998 00:02 108k [CMP] patch-2.1.103.gz 21-May-1998 00:02 128k unknown patch-2.1.103.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.103.xz 21-May-1998 00:02 104k unknown patch-2.1.104.bz2 05-Jun-1998 22:21 148k [CMP] patch-2.1.104.gz 05-Jun-1998 22:21 172k unknown patch-2.1.104.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.104.xz 05-Jun-1998 22:21 144k unknown patch-2.1.105.bz2 07-Jun-1998 18:41 100k [CMP] patch-2.1.105.gz 07-Jun-1998 18:41 116k unknown patch-2.1.105.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.105.xz 07-Jun-1998 18:41 96k unknown patch-2.1.106.bz2 13-Jun-1998 21:41 276k [CMP] patch-2.1.106.gz 13-Jun-1998 21:41 312k unknown patch-2.1.106.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.106.xz 13-Jun-1998 21:41 240k unknown patch-2.1.107.bz2 25-Jun-1998 05:20 236k [CMP] patch-2.1.107.gz 25-Jun-1998 05:20 284k unknown patch-2.1.107.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.107.xz 25-Jun-1998 05:20 224k unknown patch-2.1.108.bz2 02-Jul-1998 02:32 100k [CMP] patch-2.1.108.gz 02-Jul-1998 02:32 120k unknown patch-2.1.108.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.108.xz 02-Jul-1998 02:32 104k unknown patch-2.1.109.bz2 17-Jul-1998 00:29 228k [CMP] patch-2.1.109.gz 17-Jul-1998 00:29 272k unknown patch-2.1.109.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.109.xz 17-Jul-1998 00:29 208k unknown patch-2.1.11.bz2 18-Nov-1996 23:00 80k [CMP] patch-2.1.11.gz 18-Nov-1996 23:00 92k unknown patch-2.1.11.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.11.xz 18-Nov-1996 23:00 76k unknown patch-2.1.110.bz2 21-Jul-1998 07:05 224k [CMP] patch-2.1.110.gz 21-Jul-1998 07:05 260k unknown patch-2.1.110.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.110.xz 21-Jul-1998 07:05 208k unknown patch-2.1.111.bz2 25-Jul-1998 07:09 128k [CMP] patch-2.1.111.gz 25-Jul-1998 07:09 148k unknown patch-2.1.111.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.111.xz 25-Jul-1998 07:09 120k unknown patch-2.1.112.bz2 28-Jul-1998 21:17 208k [CMP] patch-2.1.112.gz 28-Jul-1998 21:17 244k unknown patch-2.1.112.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.112.xz 28-Jul-1998 21:17 192k unknown patch-2.1.113.bz2 01-Aug-1998 07:02 136k [CMP] patch-2.1.113.gz 01-Aug-1998 07:02 160k unknown patch-2.1.113.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.113.xz 01-Aug-1998 07:02 136k unknown patch-2.1.114.bz2 03-Aug-1998 20:21 12k [CMP] patch-2.1.114.gz 03-Aug-1998 20:21 16k unknown patch-2.1.114.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.114.xz 03-Aug-1998 20:21 12k unknown patch-2.1.115.bz2 06-Aug-1998 21:02 328k [CMP] patch-2.1.115.gz 06-Aug-1998 21:02 412k unknown patch-2.1.115.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.115.xz 06-Aug-1998 21:02 300k unknown patch-2.1.116.bz2 19-Aug-1998 01:00 188k [CMP] patch-2.1.116.gz 19-Aug-1998 01:00 244k unknown patch-2.1.116.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.116.xz 19-Aug-1998 01:00 164k unknown patch-2.1.117.bz2 20-Aug-1998 03:37 48k [CMP] patch-2.1.117.gz 20-Aug-1998 03:37 52k unknown patch-2.1.117.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.117.xz 20-Aug-1998 03:37 44k unknown patch-2.1.118.bz2 26-Aug-1998 01:50 88k [CMP] patch-2.1.118.gz 26-Aug-1998 01:50 100k unknown patch-2.1.118.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.118.xz 26-Aug-1998 01:50 84k unknown patch-2.1.119.bz2 27-Aug-1998 20:44 16k [CMP] patch-2.1.119.gz 27-Aug-1998 20:44 20k unknown patch-2.1.119.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.119.xz 27-Aug-1998 20:44 16k unknown patch-2.1.12.bz2 22-Nov-1996 16:11 56k [CMP] patch-2.1.12.gz 22-Nov-1996 16:11 60k unknown patch-2.1.12.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.12.xz 22-Nov-1996 16:11 52k unknown patch-2.1.120.bz2 05-Sep-1998 07:33 260k [CMP] patch-2.1.120.gz 05-Sep-1998 07:33 312k unknown patch-2.1.120.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.120.xz 05-Sep-1998 07:33 248k unknown patch-2.1.121.bz2 09-Sep-1998 21:47 184k [CMP] patch-2.1.121.gz 09-Sep-1998 21:47 216k unknown patch-2.1.121.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.121.xz 09-Sep-1998 21:47 176k unknown patch-2.1.122.bz2 16-Sep-1998 22:31 140k [CMP] patch-2.1.122.gz 16-Sep-1998 22:31 168k unknown patch-2.1.122.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.122.xz 16-Sep-1998 22:31 132k unknown patch-2.1.123.bz2 28-Sep-1998 03:42 56k [CMP] patch-2.1.123.gz 28-Sep-1998 03:42 68k unknown patch-2.1.123.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.123.xz 28-Sep-1998 03:42 56k unknown patch-2.1.124.bz2 04-Oct-1998 19:29 436k [CMP] patch-2.1.124.gz 04-Oct-1998 19:29 528k unknown patch-2.1.124.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.124.xz 04-Oct-1998 19:29 392k unknown patch-2.1.125.bz2 09-Oct-1998 04:51 236k [CMP] patch-2.1.125.gz 09-Oct-1998 04:51 276k unknown patch-2.1.125.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.125.xz 09-Oct-1998 04:51 224k unknown patch-2.1.126.bz2 24-Oct-1998 05:01 272k [CMP] patch-2.1.126.gz 24-Oct-1998 05:01 316k unknown patch-2.1.126.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.126.xz 24-Oct-1998 05:01 256k unknown patch-2.1.127.bz2 07-Nov-1998 19:45 204k [CMP] patch-2.1.127.gz 07-Nov-1998 19:45 252k unknown patch-2.1.127.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.127.xz 07-Nov-1998 19:45 192k unknown patch-2.1.128.bz2 12-Nov-1998 20:22 176k [CMP] patch-2.1.128.gz 12-Nov-1998 20:22 208k unknown patch-2.1.128.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.128.xz 12-Nov-1998 20:22 168k unknown patch-2.1.129.bz2 19-Nov-1998 08:22 212k [CMP] patch-2.1.129.gz 19-Nov-1998 08:22 248k unknown patch-2.1.129.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.129.xz 19-Nov-1998 08:22 200k unknown patch-2.1.13.bz2 23-Nov-1996 11:41 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.13.gz 23-Nov-1996 11:41 28k unknown patch-2.1.13.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.13.xz 23-Nov-1996 11:41 24k unknown patch-2.1.130.bz2 26-Nov-1998 21:38 168k [CMP] patch-2.1.130.gz 26-Nov-1998 21:38 192k unknown patch-2.1.130.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.130.xz 26-Nov-1998 21:38 152k unknown patch-2.1.131.bz2 03-Dec-1998 01:55 48k [CMP] patch-2.1.131.gz 03-Dec-1998 01:55 52k unknown patch-2.1.131.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.131.xz 03-Dec-1998 01:55 48k unknown patch-2.1.132.bz2 22-Dec-1998 21:38 672k [CMP] patch-2.1.132.gz 22-Dec-1998 21:38 792k unknown patch-2.1.132.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.132.xz 22-Dec-1998 21:38 596k unknown patch-2.1.14.bz2 01-Dec-1996 17:51 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.14.gz 01-Dec-1996 17:51 88k unknown patch-2.1.14.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.14.xz 01-Dec-1996 17:51 76k unknown patch-2.1.15.bz2 12-Dec-1996 15:52 428k [CMP] patch-2.1.15.gz 12-Dec-1996 15:52 528k unknown patch-2.1.15.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.15.xz 12-Dec-1996 15:52 408k unknown patch-2.1.16.bz2 18-Dec-1996 11:07 436k [CMP] patch-2.1.16.gz 18-Dec-1996 11:07 512k unknown patch-2.1.16.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.16.xz 18-Dec-1996 11:07 392k unknown patch-2.1.17.bz2 22-Dec-1996 10:36 396k [CMP] patch-2.1.17.gz 22-Dec-1996 10:36 468k unknown patch-2.1.17.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.17.xz 22-Dec-1996 10:36 364k unknown patch-2.1.18.bz2 29-Dec-1996 10:31 124k [CMP] patch-2.1.18.gz 29-Dec-1996 10:31 144k unknown patch-2.1.18.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.18.xz 29-Dec-1996 10:31 124k unknown patch-2.1.19.bz2 31-Dec-1996 13:43 196k [CMP] patch-2.1.19.gz 31-Dec-1996 13:43 236k unknown patch-2.1.19.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.19.xz 31-Dec-1996 13:43 188k unknown patch-2.1.2.bz2 08-Oct-1996 17:44 48k [CMP] patch-2.1.2.gz 08-Oct-1996 17:44 52k unknown patch-2.1.2.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.2.xz 08-Oct-1996 17:44 44k unknown patch-2.1.20.bz2 02-Jan-1997 13:58 136k [CMP] patch-2.1.20.gz 02-Jan-1997 13:58 160k unknown patch-2.1.20.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.20.xz 02-Jan-1997 13:58 132k unknown patch-2.1.21.bz2 14-Jan-1997 12:04 68k [CMP] patch-2.1.21.gz 14-Jan-1997 12:04 80k unknown patch-2.1.21.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.21.xz 14-Jan-1997 12:04 64k unknown patch-2.1.22.bz2 23-Jan-1997 10:11 92k [CMP] patch-2.1.22.gz 23-Jan-1997 10:11 112k unknown patch-2.1.22.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.22.xz 23-Jan-1997 10:11 88k unknown patch-2.1.23.bz2 26-Jan-1997 14:12 324k [CMP] patch-2.1.23.gz 26-Jan-1997 14:12 388k unknown patch-2.1.23.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.23.xz 26-Jan-1997 14:12 304k unknown patch-2.1.24.bz2 28-Jan-1997 17:44 20k [CMP] patch-2.1.24.gz 28-Jan-1997 17:44 20k unknown patch-2.1.24.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.24.xz 28-Jan-1997 17:44 20k unknown patch-2.1.25.bz2 02-Feb-1997 16:19 232k [CMP] patch-2.1.25.gz 02-Feb-1997 16:19 280k unknown patch-2.1.25.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.25.xz 02-Feb-1997 16:19 216k unknown patch-2.1.26.bz2 23-Sep-1997 21:04 36k [CMP] patch-2.1.26.gz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 40k unknown patch-2.1.26.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.26.xz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 36k unknown patch-2.1.27.bz2 26-Feb-1997 22:47 280k [CMP] patch-2.1.27.gz 26-Feb-1997 22:47 352k unknown patch-2.1.27.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.27.xz 26-Feb-1997 22:47 256k unknown patch-2.1.28.bz2 23-Sep-1997 21:04 248k [CMP] patch-2.1.28.gz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 296k unknown patch-2.1.28.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.28.xz 23-Sep-1997 21:04 232k unknown patch-2.1.29.bz2 10-Mar-1997 23:58 160k [CMP] patch-2.1.29.gz 10-Mar-1997 23:58 200k unknown patch-2.1.29.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.29.xz 10-Mar-1997 23:58 148k unknown patch-2.1.3.bz2 10-Oct-1996 14:56 28k [CMP] patch-2.1.3.gz 10-Oct-1996 14:56 28k unknown patch-2.1.3.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.3.xz 10-Oct-1996 14:56 28k unknown patch-2.1.30.bz2 26-Mar-1997 20:51 244k [CMP] patch-2.1.30.gz 26-Mar-1997 20:51 296k unknown patch-2.1.30.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.30.xz 26-Mar-1997 20:51 228k unknown patch-2.1.31.bz2 03-Apr-1997 05:13 120k [CMP] patch-2.1.31.gz 03-Apr-1997 05:13 140k unknown patch-2.1.31.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.31.xz 03-Apr-1997 05:13 116k unknown patch-2.1.32.bz2 05-Apr-1997 20:53 152k [CMP] patch-2.1.32.gz 05-Apr-1997 20:53 196k unknown patch-2.1.32.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.32.xz 05-Apr-1997 20:53 156k unknown patch-2.1.33.bz2 10-Apr-1997 18:49 100k [CMP] patch-2.1.33.gz 10-Apr-1997 18:49 116k unknown patch-2.1.33.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.33.xz 10-Apr-1997 18:49 100k unknown patch-2.1.34.bz2 14-Apr-1997 21:32 204k [CMP] patch-2.1.34.gz 14-Apr-1997 21:32 248k unknown patch-2.1.34.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.34.xz 14-Apr-1997 21:32 196k unknown patch-2.1.35.bz2 15-Apr-1997 23:52 28k [CMP] patch-2.1.35.gz 15-Apr-1997 23:52 28k unknown patch-2.1.35.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.35.xz 15-Apr-1997 23:52 24k unknown patch-2.1.36.bz2 24-Apr-1997 01:49 316k [CMP] patch-2.1.36.gz 24-Apr-1997 01:49 400k unknown patch-2.1.36.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.36.xz 24-Apr-1997 01:49 280k unknown patch-2.1.37.bz2 14-May-1997 05:25 380k [CMP] patch-2.1.37.gz 14-May-1997 05:25 440k unknown patch-2.1.37.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.37.xz 14-May-1997 05:25 352k unknown patch-2.1.38.bz2 15-May-1997 23:16 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.38.gz 15-May-1997 23:16 88k unknown patch-2.1.38.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.38.xz 15-May-1997 23:16 76k unknown patch-2.1.39.bz2 18-May-1997 18:14 12k [CMP] patch-2.1.39.gz 18-May-1997 18:14 12k unknown patch-2.1.39.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.39.xz 18-May-1997 18:14 8k unknown patch-2.1.4.bz2 15-Oct-1996 17:16 112k [CMP] patch-2.1.4.gz 15-Oct-1996 17:16 128k unknown patch-2.1.4.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.4.xz 15-Oct-1996 17:16 108k unknown patch-2.1.40.bz2 22-May-1997 02:13 160k [CMP] patch-2.1.40.gz 22-May-1997 02:13 188k unknown patch-2.1.40.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.40.xz 22-May-1997 02:13 156k unknown patch-2.1.41.bz2 28-May-1997 03:52 68k [CMP] patch-2.1.41.gz 28-May-1997 03:52 76k unknown patch-2.1.41.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.41.xz 28-May-1997 03:52 64k unknown patch-2.1.42.bz2 29-May-1997 22:59 252k [CMP] patch-2.1.42.gz 29-May-1997 22:59 296k unknown patch-2.1.42.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.42.xz 29-May-1997 22:59 232k unknown patch-2.1.43.bz2 16-Jun-1997 22:47 200k [CMP] patch-2.1.43.gz 16-Jun-1997 22:47 236k unknown patch-2.1.43.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.43.xz 16-Jun-1997 22:47 184k unknown patch-2.1.44.bz2 07-Jul-1997 23:50 476k [CMP] patch-2.1.44.gz 07-Jul-1997 23:50 572k unknown patch-2.1.44.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.44.xz 07-Jul-1997 23:50 432k unknown patch-2.1.45.bz2 17-Jul-1997 03:49 196k [CMP] patch-2.1.45.gz 17-Jul-1997 03:49 232k unknown patch-2.1.45.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.45.xz 17-Jul-1997 03:49 188k unknown patch-2.1.46.bz2 19-Jul-1997 19:56 20k [CMP] patch-2.1.46.gz 19-Jul-1997 19:56 20k unknown patch-2.1.46.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.46.xz 19-Jul-1997 19:56 16k unknown patch-2.1.47.bz2 24-Jul-1997 20:25 84k [CMP] patch-2.1.47.gz 24-Jul-1997 20:25 100k unknown patch-2.1.47.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.47.xz 24-Jul-1997 20:25 80k unknown patch-2.1.48.bz2 04-Aug-1997 23:08 332k [CMP] patch-2.1.48.gz 04-Aug-1997 23:08 396k unknown patch-2.1.48.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.48.xz 04-Aug-1997 23:08 304k unknown patch-2.1.49.bz2 11-Aug-1997 21:45 68k [CMP] patch-2.1.49.gz 11-Aug-1997 21:45 76k unknown patch-2.1.49.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.49.xz 11-Aug-1997 21:45 64k unknown patch-2.1.5.bz2 18-Oct-1996 12:00 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.5.gz 18-Oct-1996 12:00 24k unknown patch-2.1.5.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.5.xz 18-Oct-1996 12:00 20k unknown patch-2.1.50.bz2 14-Aug-1997 22:09 28k [CMP] patch-2.1.50.gz 14-Aug-1997 22:09 32k unknown patch-2.1.50.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.50.xz 14-Aug-1997 22:09 28k unknown patch-2.1.51.bz2 19-Aug-1997 01:18 324k [CMP] patch-2.1.51.gz 19-Aug-1997 01:18 384k unknown patch-2.1.51.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.51.xz 19-Aug-1997 01:18 296k unknown patch-2.1.52.bz2 03-Sep-1997 19:01 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.52.gz 03-Sep-1997 19:01 88k unknown patch-2.1.52.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.52.xz 03-Sep-1997 19:01 76k unknown patch-2.1.53.bz2 05-Sep-1997 00:00 280k [CMP] patch-2.1.53.gz 05-Sep-1997 00:00 348k unknown patch-2.1.53.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.53.xz 05-Sep-1997 00:00 244k unknown patch-2.1.54.bz2 06-Sep-1997 18:20 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.54.gz 06-Sep-1997 18:20 88k unknown patch-2.1.54.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.54.xz 06-Sep-1997 18:20 72k unknown patch-2.1.55.bz2 09-Sep-1997 22:39 16k [CMP] patch-2.1.55.gz 09-Sep-1997 22:39 20k unknown patch-2.1.55.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.55.xz 09-Sep-1997 22:39 16k unknown patch-2.1.56.bz2 20-Sep-1997 05:20 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.56.gz 20-Sep-1997 05:20 84k unknown patch-2.1.56.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.56.xz 20-Sep-1997 05:20 72k unknown patch-2.1.57.bz2 25-Sep-1997 02:47 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.57.gz 25-Sep-1997 02:47 24k unknown patch-2.1.57.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.57.xz 25-Sep-1997 02:47 24k unknown patch-2.1.58.bz2 15-Oct-1997 21:45 44k [CMP] patch-2.1.58.gz 15-Oct-1997 21:45 52k unknown patch-2.1.58.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.58.xz 15-Oct-1997 21:45 48k unknown patch-2.1.59.bz2 17-Oct-1997 23:41 28k [CMP] patch-2.1.59.gz 17-Oct-1997 23:41 32k unknown patch-2.1.59.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.59.xz 17-Oct-1997 23:41 28k unknown patch-2.1.6.bz2 29-Oct-1996 15:58 184k [CMP] patch-2.1.6.gz 29-Oct-1996 15:58 220k unknown patch-2.1.6.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.6.xz 29-Oct-1996 15:58 176k unknown patch-2.1.60.bz2 25-Oct-1997 09:18 92k [CMP] patch-2.1.60.gz 25-Oct-1997 09:18 116k unknown patch-2.1.60.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.60.xz 25-Oct-1997 09:18 84k unknown patch-2.1.61.bz2 31-Oct-1997 01:17 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.61.gz 31-Oct-1997 01:17 28k unknown patch-2.1.61.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.61.xz 31-Oct-1997 01:17 24k unknown patch-2.1.62.bz2 03-Nov-1997 20:58 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.62.gz 03-Nov-1997 20:58 28k unknown patch-2.1.62.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.62.xz 03-Nov-1997 20:58 24k unknown patch-2.1.63.bz2 12-Nov-1997 19:17 220k [CMP] patch-2.1.63.gz 12-Nov-1997 19:17 260k unknown patch-2.1.63.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.63.xz 12-Nov-1997 19:17 208k unknown patch-2.1.64.bz2 15-Nov-1997 03:02 52k [CMP] patch-2.1.64.gz 15-Nov-1997 03:02 56k unknown patch-2.1.64.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.64.xz 15-Nov-1997 03:02 48k unknown patch-2.1.65.bz2 18-Nov-1997 03:00 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.65.gz 18-Nov-1997 03:00 24k unknown patch-2.1.65.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.65.xz 18-Nov-1997 03:00 24k unknown patch-2.1.66.bz2 26-Nov-1997 00:15 216k [CMP] patch-2.1.66.gz 26-Nov-1997 00:15 288k unknown patch-2.1.66.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.66.xz 26-Nov-1997 00:15 204k unknown patch-2.1.67.bz2 29-Nov-1997 19:18 716k [CMP] patch-2.1.67.gz 29-Nov-1997 19:18 888k unknown patch-2.1.67.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.67.xz 29-Nov-1997 19:18 652k unknown patch-2.1.68.bz2 30-Nov-1997 23:15 324k [CMP] patch-2.1.68.gz 30-Nov-1997 23:15 408k unknown patch-2.1.68.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.68.xz 30-Nov-1997 23:15 304k unknown patch-2.1.69.bz2 01-Dec-1997 21:42 24k [CMP] patch-2.1.69.gz 01-Dec-1997 21:42 28k unknown patch-2.1.69.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.69.xz 01-Dec-1997 21:42 24k unknown patch-2.1.7.bz2 01-Nov-1996 14:37 64k [CMP] patch-2.1.7.gz 01-Nov-1996 14:37 80k unknown patch-2.1.7.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.7.xz 01-Nov-1996 14:37 60k unknown patch-2.1.70.bz2 03-Dec-1997 00:16 164k [CMP] patch-2.1.70.gz 03-Dec-1997 00:16 208k unknown patch-2.1.70.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.70.xz 03-Dec-1997 00:16 152k unknown patch-2.1.71.bz2 04-Dec-1997 22:48 216k [CMP] patch-2.1.71.gz 04-Dec-1997 22:48 292k unknown patch-2.1.71.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.71.xz 04-Dec-1997 22:48 168k unknown patch-2.1.72.bz2 09-Dec-1997 21:24 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.72.gz 09-Dec-1997 21:24 84k unknown patch-2.1.72.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.72.xz 09-Dec-1997 21:24 72k unknown patch-2.1.73.bz2 19-Dec-1997 00:59 356k [CMP] patch-2.1.73.gz 19-Dec-1997 00:59 428k unknown patch-2.1.73.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.73.xz 19-Dec-1997 00:59 336k unknown patch-2.1.74.bz2 20-Dec-1997 01:17 68k [CMP] patch-2.1.74.gz 20-Dec-1997 01:17 84k unknown patch-2.1.74.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.74.xz 20-Dec-1997 01:17 68k unknown patch-2.1.75.bz2 22-Dec-1997 02:09 196k [CMP] patch-2.1.75.gz 22-Dec-1997 02:09 240k unknown patch-2.1.75.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.75.xz 22-Dec-1997 02:09 192k unknown patch-2.1.76.bz2 24-Dec-1997 00:29 108k [CMP] patch-2.1.76.gz 24-Dec-1997 00:29 120k unknown patch-2.1.76.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.76.xz 24-Dec-1997 00:29 100k unknown patch-2.1.77.bz2 02-Jan-1998 22:34 148k [CMP] patch-2.1.77.gz 02-Jan-1998 22:34 172k unknown patch-2.1.77.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.77.xz 02-Jan-1998 22:34 140k unknown patch-2.1.78.bz2 06-Jan-1998 02:01 180k [CMP] patch-2.1.78.gz 06-Jan-1998 02:01 216k unknown patch-2.1.78.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.78.xz 06-Jan-1998 02:01 180k unknown patch-2.1.79.bz2 13-Jan-1998 06:08 656k [CMP] patch-2.1.79.gz 13-Jan-1998 06:08 788k unknown patch-2.1.79.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.79.xz 13-Jan-1998 06:08 596k unknown patch-2.1.8.bz2 09-Nov-1996 09:53 244k [CMP] patch-2.1.8.gz 09-Nov-1996 09:53 316k unknown patch-2.1.8.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.8.xz 09-Nov-1996 09:53 232k unknown patch-2.1.80.bz2 21-Jan-1998 01:16 212k [CMP] patch-2.1.80.gz 21-Jan-1998 01:16 248k unknown patch-2.1.80.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.80.xz 21-Jan-1998 01:16 196k unknown patch-2.1.81.bz2 24-Jan-1998 02:02 136k [CMP] patch-2.1.81.gz 24-Jan-1998 02:02 164k unknown patch-2.1.81.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.81.xz 24-Jan-1998 02:02 136k unknown patch-2.1.82.bz2 26-Jan-1998 23:12 76k [CMP] patch-2.1.82.gz 26-Jan-1998 23:12 92k unknown patch-2.1.82.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.82.xz 26-Jan-1998 23:12 72k unknown patch-2.1.83.bz2 30-Jan-1998 23:36 8k [CMP] patch-2.1.83.gz 30-Jan-1998 23:36 8k unknown patch-2.1.83.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.83.xz 30-Jan-1998 23:36 4k unknown patch-2.1.84.bz2 31-Jan-1998 01:46 4k [CMP] patch-2.1.84.gz 31-Jan-1998 01:46 4k unknown patch-2.1.84.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.84.xz 31-Jan-1998 01:46 4k unknown patch-2.1.85.bz2 04-Feb-1998 02:33 36k [CMP] patch-2.1.85.gz 04-Feb-1998 02:33 40k unknown patch-2.1.85.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.85.xz 04-Feb-1998 02:33 36k unknown patch-2.1.86.bz2 11-Feb-1998 00:30 80k [CMP] patch-2.1.86.gz 11-Feb-1998 00:30 92k unknown patch-2.1.86.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.86.xz 11-Feb-1998 00:30 80k unknown patch-2.1.87.bz2 17-Feb-1998 01:31 292k [CMP] patch-2.1.87.gz 17-Feb-1998 01:31 336k unknown patch-2.1.87.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.87.xz 17-Feb-1998 01:31 268k unknown patch-2.1.88.bz2 21-Feb-1998 03:23 164k [CMP] patch-2.1.88.gz 21-Feb-1998 03:23 200k unknown patch-2.1.88.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.88.xz 21-Feb-1998 03:23 160k unknown patch-2.1.89.bz2 07-Mar-1998 09:36 188k [CMP] patch-2.1.89.gz 07-Mar-1998 09:36 224k unknown patch-2.1.89.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.89.xz 07-Mar-1998 09:36 184k unknown patch-2.1.9.bz2 12-Nov-1996 13:52 264k [CMP] patch-2.1.9.gz 12-Nov-1996 13:52 312k unknown patch-2.1.9.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.9.xz 12-Nov-1996 13:52 248k unknown patch-2.1.90.bz2 18-Mar-1998 06:17 224k [CMP] patch-2.1.90.gz 18-Mar-1998 06:17 268k unknown patch-2.1.90.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.90.xz 18-Mar-1998 06:17 216k unknown patch-2.1.91.bz2 26-Mar-1998 23:53 348k [CMP] patch-2.1.91.gz 26-Mar-1998 23:53 420k unknown patch-2.1.91.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.91.xz 26-Mar-1998 23:53 320k unknown patch-2.1.92.bz2 02-Apr-1998 01:47 360k [CMP] patch-2.1.92.gz 02-Apr-1998 01:47 436k unknown patch-2.1.92.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.92.xz 02-Apr-1998 01:47 328k unknown patch-2.1.93.bz2 07-Apr-1998 00:39 104k [CMP] patch-2.1.93.gz 07-Apr-1998 00:39 124k unknown patch-2.1.93.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.93.xz 07-Apr-1998 00:39 104k unknown patch-2.1.94.bz2 09-Apr-1998 02:28 176k [CMP] patch-2.1.94.gz 09-Apr-1998 02:28 200k unknown patch-2.1.94.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.94.xz 09-Apr-1998 02:28 168k unknown patch-2.1.95.bz2 10-Apr-1998 18:30 16k [CMP] patch-2.1.95.gz 10-Apr-1998 18:30 16k unknown patch-2.1.95.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.95.xz 10-Apr-1998 18:30 16k unknown patch-2.1.96.bz2 14-Apr-1998 20:25 200k [CMP] patch-2.1.96.gz 14-Apr-1998 20:25 240k unknown patch-2.1.96.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.96.xz 14-Apr-1998 20:25 196k unknown patch-2.1.97.bz2 18-Apr-1998 07:51 360k [CMP] patch-2.1.97.gz 18-Apr-1998 07:51 440k unknown patch-2.1.97.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.97.xz 18-Apr-1998 07:51 332k unknown patch-2.1.98.bz2 24-Apr-1998 06:17 20k [CMP] patch-2.1.98.gz 24-Apr-1998 06:17 24k unknown patch-2.1.98.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.98.xz 24-Apr-1998 06:17 20k unknown patch-2.1.99.bz2 01-May-1998 00:21 176k [CMP] patch-2.1.99.gz 01-May-1998 00:21 208k unknown patch-2.1.99.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.1.99.xz 01-May-1998 00:21 172k unknown patch-2.2.0-final.bz2 26-Jan-1999 01:41 24k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-final.gz 26-Jan-1999 01:41 28k unknown patch-2.2.0-final.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-final.xz 26-Jan-1999 01:41 24k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre1.bz2 28-Dec-1998 22:32 120k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre1.gz 28-Dec-1998 22:32 136k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre1.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre1.xz 28-Dec-1998 22:32 116k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre2.bz2 31-Dec-1998 07:09 116k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre2.gz 31-Dec-1998 07:09 132k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre2.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre2.xz 31-Dec-1998 07:09 112k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre3.bz2 01-Jan-1999 20:58 20k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre3.gz 01-Jan-1999 20:58 24k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre3.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre3.xz 01-Jan-1999 20:58 20k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre4.bz2 03-Jan-1999 03:25 68k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre4.gz 03-Jan-1999 03:25 76k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre4.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre4.xz 03-Jan-1999 03:25 68k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre5.bz2 06-Jan-1999 21:57 148k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre5.gz 06-Jan-1999 21:57 184k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre5.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre5.xz 06-Jan-1999 21:57 136k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre6.bz2 09-Jan-1999 01:24 100k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre6.gz 09-Jan-1999 01:24 116k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre6.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre6.xz 09-Jan-1999 01:24 96k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre7.bz2 13-Jan-1999 22:05 72k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre7.gz 13-Jan-1999 22:05 84k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre7.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre7.xz 13-Jan-1999 22:05 68k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre8.bz2 19-Jan-1999 01:52 196k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre8.gz 19-Jan-1999 01:52 244k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre8.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre8.xz 19-Jan-1999 01:52 176k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre9.bz2 21-Jan-1999 06:42 172k [CMP] patch-2.2.0-pre9.gz 21-Jan-1999 06:42 204k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre9.sign 08-Aug-2013 20:25 4k unknown patch-2.2.0-pre9.xz 21-Jan-1999 06:42 168k unknown sha256sums.asc 27-Jan-2021 16:21 76k

       This is the new development verion of linux, 2.1.x

 NOTE! Being a development version means that things may be unstable.
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