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OpenBSD 6.8 - released Oct 18, 2020.
Copyright 1997-2020, Theo de Raadt and others

Contains OpenBSD 6.8 for i386, alpha, hppa, amd64, macppc, sgi,
armv7, arm64, landisk, loongson, luna88k, octeon, sparc64, powerpc64.

If there are bugs found in this release, workaround information can
be found at

Please refer to the following files for extensive details on how to
install OpenBSD 6.8 on your machine:


For further details, please visit

OpenBSD is free software

You can do with it as you like, subject to very few conditions
(described at But free software
isn't written without money. Network links, hardware costs, release
engineering and testing work; all these things take money and
significant effort on the part of those who have made this what it is.
Please reward the developers who have made OpenBSD what it is, YOU can
donate funds or hardware to get your name listed on our Donations page Contact Theo de Raadt or send a
donation cheque in Canadian or US funds to:

812 - 23rd Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2G 1N8

(Make the cheque out to "Theo de Raadt": cheques made out to "OpenBSD"
cannot be cashed)

No major funding or cost-sharing of the project comes from any company
or educational institution. Theo works full-time on improving OpenBSD
and paying bills, many other developers expend spend significant
quantities of time as well.

For those unable to make their contributions as straightforward gifts,
the OpenBSD Foundation ( is a Canadian
not-for-profit corporation that can accept larger contributions and
issue receipts. In some situations, their receipt may qualify as a
business expense writeoff, so this is certainly a consideration for
some organizations or businesses. There may also be exposure benefits
since the Foundation may be interested in participating in press releases.
In turn, the Foundation then uses these contributions to assist OpenBSD's
infrastructure needs. Contact the foundation directors at for more information.

Please be generous, and OpenBSD will keep making a release every 6
months. This is our 49th release, marking the 25th anniversary
of OpenBSD.

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