<p><a href="">Apache CouchDB documentation</a>.</p>

<h2>Release Notes</h2>

<p>A set of <a href="">release notes</a> is issued for every Apache CouchDB source release.</p>

<h2>Binary Packages</h2>

<p>The binary packages are provided for your convenience only.</p>

<p>They have not been voted on and do not consititue an official Apache CouchDB release.</p>

<h2>Source Releases</h2>

<p>The official Apache CouchDB source releases are voted on by the community and are approved by the PMC.</p>

<h2>Verifying Downloads</h2>

<p>When downloading from a mirror please check the
<a href="">MD5</a> and
<a href="">SHA</a>
checksums as well as verifying the
<a href="">OpenPGP</a>
compatible signature available from the main Apache site. The
<a href="">KEYS</a>
file contains the public keys used for signing release. It is recommended
that a <a href="">web
of trust</a> is used to confirm the identity of these keys.</p>

<p>You can check the OpenPGP signature with:</p>

<code>gpg --verify apache-couchdb-*.tar.gz.asc</code>

<p>You can check the MD5 checksum with:</p>

<code>md5sum --check apache-couchdb-*.tar.gz.md5</code>

<p>You can check the SHA checksum with:</p>

<code>sha1sum --check apache-couchdb-*.tar.gz.sha</code>