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README for GNU cgicc

GNU cgicc is an ANSI C++ compliant class library that greatly
simplifies the creation of CGI applications for the World Wide
Web. cgicc performs the following functions:

- Parses both GET and POST form data transparently
- Provides string, integer, floating-point and single- and
multiple-choice retrieval methods for form data
- Provides methods for saving and restoring CGI environments to aid
in application debugging
- Provides full on-the-fly HTML 4.0 generation capabilities, with support
for cookies
- Supports HTTP file upload
- Compatible with FastCGI

Please send bug reports, suggestions, and comments to <>

To subscribe, send a message to <> with the
word 'subscribe' in the subject line. A web interface to the list is
available at

Visit cgicc on the web at

This package should contain the following directories:

cgicc/ The source code to the GNU cgicc library
contrib/ Contributed non-parsed header and FastCgi examples
demo/ Four demonstration applications using cgicc
doc/ Complete documentation for cgicc in html format
example/ A skeleton CGI application using cgicc and autoconf
support/ Installation/configuration support files
win/ Win32 project files