OPNsense images

Welcome! This document describes images types and frequency of image
releases. It is kept up to date. You are reading the latest one.

Our release schedule

We release images only when they are absolutely needed and otherwise stick
to our reliable firmware update process through either the GUI (System:
Settings: Firmware) or the root console (Option 12).

This does not always work, so there may be revoked images and images built
on stable updates, e.g. 18.1.6 as opposed to only 18.1.

The latest stable release image for OPNsense is 24.1 (January 30, 2024).

The next scheduled release image for OPNsense is 24.7 (July, 2024).

It is advised to update to the latest version immediately after installation.

Available image types

o dvd: ISO installer UEFI hybrid image with live system capabilities
running in VGA mode.
o vga: USB installer UEFI hybrid image with live system capabilities
running in VGA mode.
o serial: USB installer UEFI hybrid image with live system capabilities
running in serial console (115200) mode.
o nano: A preinstalled serial image for USB sticks, SD/CF cards, SSD
with secondary VGA console enabled. These images are 3G in size and
automatically adapt to the installed media size after first boot.

Checksum verification

Checksum files next to the images may not prove authenticity of images
on any particular mirror. The checksums can also be found in the forum
annoucements, GitHub or blog posts. Please double-check.

Signature verification

All images also have OpenSSL SHA-256 signatures, which can be verified
against the distributed public key. For instructions please visit:

The public key for version 24.1 is:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

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